Simple Ways to Reduce Wastes

April 29, 2008 at 8:44 am Leave a comment

by Naysan Albaytar

1. Minimize the use of paper napkins. If possible, go for cloth napkins or handkerchiefs for daily use.

2. Prefer the use of rechargeable and refillable materials instead of disposable ones. This applies to products like batteries and pentel pens. Not only will they give savings but will also help in waste reduction.

3. Buy in bulk. Prefer products that are packed together in a single package than those that are still packed individually in plastic wrappers before being included in the package. There’ll be a lot of savings on plastic wastes.

4. Compost biodegradable wastes.

5. Recycle. It does not actually require a complicated process all the time. You can simply reuse clean plastic bags instead of throwing them away. Use biscuit containers or cans, even shoe boxes, as storage materials. The back portion of papers can still be used as scratch sheets if still unwritten. As simple as those are of great help.

6. Give to the needy. Instead of throwing old clothes away, give them to those who need them. If you can’t find a charitable institution, find the right neighbor who will appreciate them.

7. Learn crafts. Learn how to sew; they’ll reduce instances of having to throw away clothes because of damage. Learn the art of making cards out of used paper; you wont have to buy cards for your loved ones during important occasions. Besides, your effort will make things more meaningful. Learn more crafts, reduce wastes, and feel fulfilled with your new knowledge. And if you’ve learned enough, you can even probably earn money.

8. Find the right persons. There are establishments that buy used things like plastic bottles and cans. There are those who manually roam around to buy and collect them. Find one, give them your wastes, and get your money.

9. Share. Educate your younger siblings about what you know – recycling, reusing, conserving. The more the people in action, the better.

10. Practice sentimental value at its peak. Remember those days when you had your favorite school shoes already worn-out but you were so stubborn and wouldn’t want to replace them because you loved them so much? That even when your mom already bought you a new pair you wouldn’t wear them and refused to part with the old pair? That would be of great use here. Every damage in your things should not be a sign to get replacements. If the damage can still be repaired and the repair is not that expensive, go for it. You will not only save money but will also reduce wastes that could have been brought by throwing away damaged stuff.


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