7th Draft of the Constitution and By-Laws of

Young Professionals Environmental Club (YPEC)



The organization shall be known as the Young Professionals Environmental Club (YPEC).

ARTICLE 2: Purpose

The Young Professionals Environmental Club (YPEC) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and advocating the protection and the preservation of the environment among young professionals in Albay through activities such as seminars, clean-up drives, tree planting, symposia, performing arts, etc.

The organization believes in the sanctity of the environment and in the urgent importance of preserving it in the face of numerous environmental challenges such as pollution and climate change. Through its efforts, the organization aims to help young professionals to be more aware and empowered in the care and preservation of the environment.


The organization envisions a society where young professionals are aware, empowered, and responsible for the care and preservation of the environment, not just through rhetoric but through concrete actions.


The organization has a three-fold mission: fostering awareness, empowering young professionals in the care of the environment, and initiating concrete action towards the realization of the organization’s vision.



  1. To promote environmental awareness.
  2. To foster the involvement of the young professionals through the formation of a personal environmental advocacy and increased interactions with fellow young professionals.


  1. To organize seminars and symposia aimed at promoting environmental awareness.
  2. To stage musical presentations, theatrical presentations, and other performances depicting environmental issue to awaken young professionals to the problems of the environment.
  3. To initiate activities like tree planting and cleanup drives.
  4. To promote online awareness through blogs and websites.
  5. Coordinate with other NGO’s, environmental agencies, and local governments.

ARTICLE 3: Members

The following are the qualifications, rights, privileges and obligations of the different types of members:

Regular Member – a regular member must be at least a college graduate and/or currently employed. He or she must fall within the 18 to 35 year-old age bracket. A regular member has the right to vote, be nominated and elected as officer of the organization. A regular member has the privilege to participate in activities, be member of the committees, suggest or initiate programs that can benefit the organization. A regular member is obligated to pay dues and accomplish tasks or duties assigned to him or her.

Affiliate Member – an affiliate member must be at least an enrolled college student. An affiliate member has the right to vote but not qualified to be elected as officer. An affiliate member has the privilege to suggest programs and activities and also has the right to be a member of any committee. However, an affiliate member is not obligated to pay dues but is expected to accomplish any tasks or duties assigned to him or her.

Honorary Member – an honorary member can be any person of any age or nationality that has been recognized by the executive board. An honorary member can be a person who has contributed directly or indirectly to the welfare of the organization. A special awarding ceremony shall be held to recognize such a person. An honorary member is not bound by any obligations to the organization. Honorary membership shall also be automatically granted to individual active members who reached the age of 35.

ARTICLE 4: Officers/Executive Board

The organization (YPEC) shall be governed by an Executive Board. This executive board shall be comprised of at least eight persons but shall not exceed ten.

The executive board shall have the following set of officers:

Chairman – will have all executive powers such as presiding meetings, veto power, appointing committee heads, initiating plans and programs, and representing the club in formal meetings and gatherings.

Vice-Chairman– will preside in the absence of the chairman and will be the successor of the chairman in case of the latter’s impeachment, incapacitation, or resignation. The vice-chairman shall also automatically head the ad-hoc committees

Secretary General– will keep the minutes of every meeting and pertinent records/documents of the club. The secretary general shall be the co-signatory of the chairman in all official documents.

Director on Finance– will be in-charge of handling the fund and all other resources of the club. The director on finance will act as a signatory, together with the chairman and the directors on ways and means, of all financial transactions representing the club. He or she will also act as the automatic chairperson of the committee on finance.

Director on Auditing – an independent officer of the organization; will audit all the transactions being made by the organization especially if it concerns financial matters. The auditor is also the signatory of the financial reports made by the director on finance provided that the said reports are in conformity with the established accounting rules and procedures.

Director on Information and Publicity – is duly authorized officer who will disseminate all information regarding the operation of the organization such as organizational resolutions, memoranda, and other information that the members have the right to know. Act as the chairman of the committee on publicity.

Directors on Ways and Means – in-charge of all business matters that will be undertaken by the organization. Act as the heads of the committee on ways and means.

ARTICLE 5: Advisors

  1. Concerned Government Agencies
    1. Serve as guides or moderators during the activities of the group
    2. Attend meetings when there are amendments and other major decisions needed
  2. Concerned NGO’s
    1. Serve as guides or moderators during the activities of the group
    2. Attend meetings when there are amendments and other major decisions needed

ARTICLE 6: Meetings

Officers’ regular meetings – once a month

General Assembly – once a year

Special Meetings – Can be called by the chairman during emergency situations or when there are important activities

ARTICLE 7: Quorum

The quorum for meetings shall be 50% of all members plus one.

ARTICLE 8: Legislation Procedure

As a duly constituted body, the Young Professionals Environmental Club has the power to formulate and execute policies and procedures that will govern its members and its existence as an organization. The following rules and regulations pertaining to the formulation and execution of organizational policies and procedures shall be observed:

1. Any policy that will be enacted by and for this organization shall take the form of Resolutions, which will be enacted through an acceptable process provided for by this Constitution and By Laws.

2. Any action that will be undertaken by the organization shall emanate from the general assembly, which is composed of the entire members of the organization. Such action shall be translated into Resolution, which before it will be enacted by the organization shall undergo the following procedures:

    1. Any member of the Young Professional Environmental Club has the right to make any suggestion that can be of help in the realization of the organizational objectives. Such suggestion will be raised during the meeting and is subject to the following: motion duly recognized and seconded, amendment, and voting.
    2. Voting shall be done only if the General Assembly has the required quorum, which is half of the entire membership plus one. If the quorum is achieved, any suggestion of a member will be made available for voting. The suggestion will be decided in terms of who are in favor of it and who are not in favor of it.
    3. If a suggestion is decided favorably by the required number of votes, it will then be communicated to all the members in the form of resolution which must be duly signed by the chairman and the secretary general of the organization and shall be disseminated to all its members.

ARTICLE 9: Amendments

Any proposed amendments on the Constitution shall be endorsed by at least 25% of all the members and shall be submitted for approval during the General Assembly. Any amendment shall only take effect if approved by at least 75% of all the members. The approval process shall be through referendum and secret balloting.


1. Members and Officers

(Disciplinary Action among Officers: removal from office)


  1. Negligence of duties and responsibilities
  2. Corruption
  3. Failure to attend meetings for three consecutive times – unexcused
  4. Failure to pay dues for three consecutive times

2. Dues/Contributions

The dues/contribution will be collected whenever there are activities. The amount will depend on the needs of the activity. A yearly membership fee of Php500 shall also be collected from new recruits.

3. Committees

Standing Committees

  1. Committee on Ways and Means
  2. Committee on Finance
  3. Creative Committee (performing arts, IT, development and awareness)
  4. Committee on Publicity

Ad-hoc Committees

  1. Committee on Elections/Referendums
  2. Disaster Response Committee

6. Responsibilities of Advisors

  1. Serve as guides or moderators during the activities of the group
  2. Attend meeting when there are amendments and other major decisions needed
  3. Signatories of final decisions on major changes in the constitution and bylaws.

7. Elections/Vacancies

The Club is to elect its new set of officers once every two years, in the month of January. Nominations will be open to regular members only. The simple majority  or the plurality of votes will rule.

In case of ties or disputes, the Committee on Elections shall decide on the rules and procedures.

The election of officers shall be through indirect and secret balloting. Every member can nominate a maximum of eight persons to the executive board. The top eight nominees shall comprise the executive board. The members of the executive board shall elect among themselves through show of hand or through consensus.

In case of vacancies due to resignation, impeachment, or incapacitation, a special election shall be hled.

8. Parliamentary Authority

The official responsibility to preside over organizational meetings and assemblies is vested on the chairman of the organization. However, the chairman may also delegate this authority if he or she desires to participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly. Likewise, committee meetings shall be presided by the respective committee chairmen. In case, the Executive Board Chairman or the committee chairman is absent, the vice-chairman or the vice-committee chairman shall assume the responsibility of presiding. The rule of succession shall also apply in the assembly or the meeting of the committees.

9. Amendments

Any proposed amendments on the By-Laws shall be endorsed by at least 10% of all the General Assembly quorum members and shall be submitted for approval. Any amendment shall only take effect if approved by at least 60% of the quorum members.


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  • 1. homar  |  January 25, 2008 at 4:47 am

    hi, please post your proposed amendments here by using the comment box. thanks.

  • 2. jam  |  January 25, 2008 at 5:18 am

    dapat may rule kung ano mangyayari kung may magresign/mapaalis na officer

  • 3. malou a. udtuhan  |  January 25, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    sa aking pananaw po.. hehehhe:D ok naman po ito… kaya lang po pala like sa amin sa accounting department na panggabi ang work borlog po kami sa hapon kaya malamang ABSENT sa mga meetings.. :(pero i will try to attend kapag hindi alanganing oras… tnx po

  • 4. alexander major  |  April 9, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    am glad to part of YPEC and I would love to be part of it fully by receiving up dates and any other way that i can help in the rift valley of kenya


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